Clinic Overview

  • Day One
    On the first day, our clinicians will focus on team building, morale, unity, assessments, evangelism techniques, and the reachforsouls strategy.

  • Day Two
    On day two of the clinic, we will discuss organization, divide into ministry teams, participate in role play scenarios, and hit the streets for hands on training.

  • Day Three
    Day three of the clinic is optional. Churches who would like more in depth training on how to organize, implement, or strengthen a mobile outreach or puppet ministry will find day three invaluable.

  • Super Sunday
    Bring the reachforsouls team back to help your team execute their first Super Sunday event. Our clinicians will work alongside your team to make your campaign finale an unforgettable event.

Super Sunday

At the end of your reachforsouls campaign, we recommend you organize a Super Sunday finale. Your finale should showcase all your first impression ministries. The focus of the Super Sunday finale is to draw Bible study attendees to your event. Our clinicians will give you more information on attendance drivers and other finale resources during day three of the clinic. For additional training, churches may also choose to bring the reachforsouls team back for your first Super Sunday event to demonstrate how to execute a finale.