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  • Statement of Faith
    Reachforsouls is a Bible-based ministry in that we seek to base our lifestyle and beliefs solely on the principals of God's Word. more>

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    Our vision is to ignite a spark of evangelism in the hearts and minds of the people of God that motivates them to labor in the fields. more>

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    Visit reachforsouls home church in Dayton, Ohio. more>

  • Family
    Read more about the Sanchez family.

Our Family

Lou and Christine have three children. Their oldest, Andrea age 28, is married and now lives in Texas. While at home, she was always involved in the local church choir and was recommended as a young teenager to the Indiana State Youth Choir by her choir director. In May of 2010, Andrea gave birth to their first grandson, Lincoln. In addition to being a new mom, she is currently the choir director at her local church where she also serves as a praise singer, Sunday School teacher, and bus ministry team member.

Their only son, Paul age 20, is a young minister in the youth ministry of Apostolic Lighthouse Church where he is also involved in Home Bible Studies, Church on Wheels, puppet ministry, and church choir. Paul teaches Bible studies to JobCorp kids and also serves as an usher in the local assembly. Previously, he has assisted in the Sunday School department.

Micaleah, their youngest daughter, is 17. She loves to sing and is very involved in the music ministry of Apostolic Lighthouse. She plays the organ, keyboard, drums, and acoustic guitar. Presently, Micaleah directs the youth music ministry and participates in both the adult and youth choirs. She is also involved in Home Bible Studies, puppet ministry, and the Church on Wheels outreach program. Like Paul, Miceleah teaches Bible studies to JobCorp kids and has previously served in the Sunday School department.

Lou and Christine are very proud of their children and are very thankful to God for the grace that has helped them to raise a family that desires to reach for souls!