Clinic Overview

  • Day One
    On the first day, our clinicians will focus on team building, morale, unity, assessments, evangelism techniques, and the reachforsouls strategy.

  • Day Two
    On day two of the clinic, we will discuss organization, divide into ministry teams, participate in role play scenarios, and hit the streets for hands on training.

  • Day Three
    Day three of the clinic is optional. Churches who would like more in depth training on how to organize, implement, or strengthen a mobile outreach or puppet ministry will find day three invaluable.

  • Super Sunday
    Bring the reachforsouls team back to help your team execute their first Super Sunday event. Our clinicians will work alongside your team to make your campaign finale an unforgettable event. more>

Our Clinic

Statistics reveal that an estimated 150,000 people die every 24 hours...most will slip out into eternity without every knowing Christ. Surprisingly, only 5% of Christians attempt to share their faith on a regular basis. Why? The answer...many Christians feel they do not have the time or necessary tools needed to win a soul. Fortunately, reachforsouls has proven solutions for the common hindrances to harvest.

Our clinicians set out to develop an effective yet practical system that would help churches streamline their evangelistic endeavors by engaging the next generation of soul-winners..

Building and maintaining excitement and anticipation is top priority in productive ministry teams. Successful outreach teams work smarter not harder. In Acts 3:6, Peter told the lame man sitting at the gate called Beautiful, "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee..." This scenario would have played out very differently if all Peter and John had to offer were frustration, fatigue, depression, and negativity. Do most Christians need pushed out of their comfort zones? Absolutely! However, it's worth considering that 20% of the people do 90% of the work. Because of this, too many sincere Christians succumb to burnout very early in the game.

The tips and techniques presented at our clinics are designed to eliminate the undesirable working conditions that lead to burnout and high turnover rates. Our evangelism strategy is simple and practical yet manageable and effective. We can help you tap into your youth's potential and provide the ministry framework you need in order to increase and maintain the flow of evangelism in your city.

Client Testimonials

"I share the heartbeat of a lot of "harvest-minded" people. Yet, I also share the feelings of frustration as it relates to reaping the harvest God has made available. It's one thing to get "hyped-up" about the pending harvest...and another to actually "mobilize" the body to reap that harvest. It is my opinion that mobilization is the missing link between the frustration and the field. That being said, if we happen to share the same feelings...I highly recommend REACH FOR SOULS to help build the bridge between people in our pews and lost souls in the harvest fields. The practical steps initiated by reachforsouls are simple and easy to follow...anybody can do it! We have employed their process and are seeing REAL results! If you are interested in removing the excuses for not engaging in the harvest, I recommend that you seriously consider REACH FOR SOULS.

- J.A. Mills, Senior Pastor



"The writer Sophia Loren once penned these words, "While it is true that without a vision the people perish, it is doubly true that without action the people and their vision perish as well." It's been more than a decade since I crossed paths with what is now one of my closest friends, Bro. Louis Sanchez. From the time I first became acquainted with him, it was evident that his passion and life's goal was soul winning. It is the driving force of his Christian experience. His book, writings, CD's, pamphlets, etc. all express one central theme, The Master's Cry; "REACHING THE LOST." His vision is put into daily action not only at home, but through the lives of countless numbers of people across the nation with whom he has shared his concepts and techniques. Lou Sanchez is a capable and passionate New Testament Bible preacher by all rights. But I have heard him say on numerous occasions concerning soul winning and outreach, "This is where it's at brother. I'd rather teach a Bible study or witness to a lost soul any day; than preach a message." He has never lost his passion. Only eternity will reveal the vast number of souls that will stand before God, and hear Him say, "Well done." All because of individuals like my friend who challenged the lackadaisical spirits of the day and refused to leave the harvest fields UNDONE.

- Bro. Robert M. Phelps


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