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Louis Sanchez

Louis grew up in Lapeer, MI and received the Holy Ghost at 17. He attended the Texas Bible College Excel program in 2001. In the early days of his ministry, he received an encouraging word from Bro. Lee Stoneking while at a conference in Ann Arbor. Bro. Stoneking conveyed to Lou that there was a great calling and anointing on his life. Lou kept those words in his heart and waited for the manifestation.

Lou travels as a motivational speaker and reachforsouls clinician. He also labors in the local assembly of Apostolic Lighthouse Church located in Dayton, Ohio. He currently serves as a local minister, Church on Wheels coordinator, usher, choir member, home Bible study teacher, men's softball coach, and new converts teacher. Previously, Lou has worked as a Sunday school teacher, bus minister, prison minister, ACTS assistant, and Lighthouse Christian Academy Head basketball coach.

In the midst of all of this, Lou somehow found time to write his first book, "That My House May Be Filled." He is also the creator of "The One Hour Workshop" and has authored several Bible study and outreach resources including Seven Golden Opportunities, One God, The Choice, and Born From Above.

In his spare time, he enjoys random evangelism, sports, and spending time with family.