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  • Statement of Faith
    Reachforsouls is a Bible-based ministry in that we seek to base our lifestyle and beliefs solely on the principals of God's Word. more>

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    Our vision is to ignite a spark of evangelism in the hearts and minds of the people of God that motivates them to labor in the fields. more>

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About Us

Welcome to where passion and evangelism collide! At reachforsouls, we know that simple outreach techniques actually work. Louis Sanchez, pentecostal author and reachforsouls founder, is living proof of that! Lou grew up on the rough side of town. At an early age, he got involved in the drug scene and frequently clashed with local authorities. Lou spent his days looking for the next high only to find emptiness at every turn. Standing on a bridge in Lapeer, Michigan; a seventeen year old Lou had reached an ultimate low. At that point, he began to talk to God, "There's got to be more to life than this, God!" he cried. God quickly responded. The next morning, two brothers from the local church knocked on his door. They extended an invitation for Lou to attend church with them on Sunday. He responded, "No. I want to go right now." The rest is history. Lou was baptized in Jesus name that Sunday and received the Holy Ghost soon after. From that moment on, evangelism became a lifestyle for Lou. He immediately went back into the streets from which God delivered him and began winning his friends, many of which are still in church today.

Lou continued sharing the gospel with everyone he met. At only 18, he would make his way to the local hot spots for youth and would share the gospel with those who crossed his path. At 24, he met Christine, the love of his life. Six months later, they were married. Despite being raised in church, Christine wasn't in the habit of sharing her faith publicly. She was shy and timid and because of that had never taught a Bible study. As time went on, God continued to turn her heart more and more to the fields. Evangelism became a way of life for Lou and Christine. With a shared passion for the field, they were united in ministry and God began laying the foundation for what would later become reachforsouls.

Reachforsouls is an apostolic evangelism clinic that is focused on minimizing excuses and maximizing results. Soul winning isn't rocket science. Productive evangelism is simple and consistent. After 31 years in the harvest fields, Lou and Christine have invaluable insight into lifestyle evangelism. Their passion to reach for souls is stronger than ever! It is their collective desire to share that knowledge with others through reachforsouls clinics held across the nation and throughout the world.

Louis Sanchez

Louis grew up in Lapeer, MI and received the Holy Ghost at 17. He attended the Texas Bible College Excel program in 2001. In the early days of his ministry, Lou was attending a conference in Ann Arbor when he received an encouraging word of prophecy from Bro. Lee Stoneking. Bro. Stoneking confirmed that there was a great calling and anointing on his life. Lou kept those words in his heart and waited for the manifestation. read more>>





Christine Sanchez

Christine was born and raised in Muncie, IN. She grew up in the church and received the Holy Ghost when she was 7 years old. Her family travelled and sang together as her father ministered to congregations throughout the country.

Sis Sanchez received a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Administration from Touro University and attended the Texas Bible College Excel program. read more>>